Hydrologic Connectivity of Isolated Wetlands

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The function of seemingly "isolated" wetlands to the hydrology of drainage networks is of growing interest from a scientific and policy perspective. Our research group at the University of Rhode Island has been monitoring water flux and nitrogen dynamics in a set of intermittent streams that originate from hillslope wetlands. Standard hydrography from USGS (NHDPLUSV2) at the 1:24,000 scale does not depict stream connections to any of these wetlands -- yet they provide substantially water flow to perennial streams during much of the year. We are investigating the use of the Soil Wetness Index (STI) that uses geospatial data (topography and soil properties) to estimate hydrologic connectivity between wetlands and streams. We use similar methods to those of UMBS graduate student Katy Hofmeister and hope to compare and contrast results between the settings in southern New England and those at UMBS.
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