Life-forms in the Michigan flora

TitleLife-forms in the Michigan flora
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsThieret JW
JournalMichigan Botanist

This paper presents a life-form analysis of the native spermatophytes of Michigan-about 1600 species. Separate analyses are given for the native floras of Berrien County and Keweenaw County (excluding Isle Royale). The life-form classification I use is that of Raunkiaer (1934), based on the position of the perennating buds or meristems during the unfavorable season. A life-form study, using the Raunkiaer classification, was made of the native seed-plants of Michigan. Three life-form spectra are presented: Michigan-Ph 14.2, Ch 2.2, H 51.6, Cr 22.1, Th 9.2; Berrien County-Ph 15.1, Ch 1.9, H 50.4, Cr 21.3 Th 11.2; and Keweenaw County-Ph 17.5, Ch 2.7, H 49.3, Cr. 25.5, Th 4.8. These data indicate that a hemicryptophytic phytoclimate characterizes Michigan and are generally in harmony with Raunkiaer's postulates on the relation between life-form spectra and latitude. Brief discussion is given of some of the problems encountered during life-form analyses.