Molendoa sendtneriana in the United States

TitleMolendoa sendtneriana in the United States
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsIwatsuki Z, Sharp AJ
JournalThe Bryologist

On December 31, 1956, while collecting bryophytes on the limestone bluffs along Little River between Townsend and the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Blount County, Tennessee, we repeatedly found in moist crevices a sterile, travertine-forming moss which superficially resembled Gymnostomum or Hymenostylium. Closer examination revealed that it did not belong to these genera because the leaves were too slender and upon drying they became as crisped and contorted as those of Trichostomum cylindricum, from which it differed in smaller size and darker, more bluish color. Subsequent microscopic examinations led only to disagreement between the collectors as to its identity, and duplicates were submitted to six other moss students. Only two agreed as to its generic identity. Further study indicated that these two were right in calling it Molendoa as had the senior author.