A new bog chytrid

TitleA new bog chytrid
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsJr. FKSparrow
JournalArchiv fur Mikrobiologie

In our studies of the Phycomycetes living in the diversity of habitats existing in the vicinity of UMBS, Douglas Lake, several chytrids have been encountered which seem characteristic of our boggy areas. One of these, Blyttiomyces helicus Sparrow and Barr (1955) has already been described. Another, the subject of this paper, is a species of Phlyctochytrium which, like the Blyttiomyces, was isolated on pine pollen. This sparkling little chytrid was obtained from soil collected in the middle of an almost dry bog now mostly given over to Vaccinium spp. Larix and Picea, but with residual areas of Sphagnum.