Notes on boletes I

TitleNotes on boletes I
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsSmith AH, Thiers HD

A study of Boletus subglabripes and Boletus chromapes in relation to the diagnostic characters of the genus Leccinum failed to substantiate the transfer of either species to Leccinum. Boletus chromapes is transferred to Tylopilus and B. subglabripes is retained in Boletus. A study of four species in what is now recognized as the stirps Pseudoscaber was also made. No evidence was found to maintain the genus Porphyrellus as compared to Tylopilus so all four species are placed in the latter genus. Tylopilus cyaneotinctus is described as new. T. pseudoscaber, T. umbrosellus, and T. sordidus are included in Tylopilus as new combinations.