Report of the Conference on the Upper Great Lakes

TitleReport of the Conference on the Upper Great Lakes
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference1953
AuthorsInstitute GLakes Rese
Conference NameConference on the Upper Great Lakes
Pagination22 pp.
Date PublishedJuly 29-31, 1953
Conference LocationUniversity of Michigan Biological Station

The Conference on the Upper Great Lakes, sponsored by the Great Lakes Research Institute, was held at the University of Michigan Biological Station, Douglas Lake, Cheboygan Co., Mich., from July 29-31, 1953. The primary purpose of the Conference was to bring together a representative group of persons actively engaged in research on the Upper Great Lakes (Huron, Michigan and Superior) for an exchange of ideas as to the present status and future objectives of basic scientific research on these lakes. Also invited to attend were individuals who, because of their special knowledge of other Great Lakes areas or of modern techniques of deep water study, would undoubtedly contribute greatly to any discussion of Great Lakes problems.