Research Brief - Attitudes About Growth

TitleResearch Brief - Attitudes About Growth
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsPelz DC
Pagination8 pp.
InstitutionUniversity of Michigan Biological Station
CityPellston, MI

Residents on northern Michigan's inland lakes and rivers have mixed feeling about growth and development. Much discussion may be needed to resolve the different viewpoints. Attitudes differ by location--residents on Walloon and Burt Lakes are least favorable to growth, and residents on rivers are more favorable. Waterfront residents would like more business and light industry because of the economic benefits this will bring, but they question over-crowded and possible damage to the lakes. Residents who oppose future growth were mainly concerned with harm to the natural environment. Year-round residents have lowest incomes and would like more business growth. Second home-owners favor residential growth, and vacationers want more recreational facilities.