Silviculture, landscape ecosystems, and the iron law of the site

TitleSilviculture, landscape ecosystems, and the iron law of the site
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsBarnes BVerne

The ecologically-based New Paradigm for Forestry, "ecosystems first" rather than "people first", challenges silviculturists to apply a landscape ecosystem approach. In the past, the forest was conceived of as trees and other organisms, with a production emphasis on single factors such as timber and wildlife. Now, society values other roles of forest ecosystems such as biological diversity, forest health, and the sustainability of whole ecosystems. Silviculturists can be leaders of the new forestry paradigm by using an ecosystem approach. The approach emphasizes Standortskunde (Site Science) and, therefore, the scientific basis for sustaining ecosystems and the continual production of goods and services.