Some interesting algae from Lake Huron

TitleSome interesting algae from Lake Huron
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1962
AuthorsFenwick MG
JournalTransactions of the American Microscopical Society

In 1954 the Great Lakes Research Institute of the U. of Michigan conducted a series of synoptic surveys of Lake Huron which were concerned primarily with the collection of physical data (Ayers et al., 1956). Plankton samples were taken, however, on these cruises at stations scattered over the entire lake area. During Synoptic Cruise I on June 28, 89 such samples were taken, whereas on July 27 on Synoptic Cruise II 94 were obtained and 80 on August 25 during Synoptic Cruise III. At each station one-liter water samples were obtained by means of Kemmerer bottles from the surface and at 50-ft intervals of depth to within five feet of the bottom. These were turned over to the writer for study, and the plankters were subsequently concentrated by means of the settling method. Although their examination has not as yet been completed, certain algae of more than usual interest, have been encountered already and it is the purpose of this note to record these. They are primarily from Synoptic Cruises I and II.