Survey of the Michigan earthworm fauna

TitleSurvey of the Michigan earthworm fauna
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsMurchie WR
JournalPapers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters

1. The objectives of this investigation were to determine the species of earthworms occurring in Michigan, their distribution, their relative abundance, and their habitat preferences. 2. Four hundred and twenty-nine new locality records for earthworms were established from fifty counties in the Lower Peninsula and one in the Upper Peninsula. 3. Eighteen species and one form are now known to occur in Michigan; of these, eight species and one form are listed for the first time from the state. Allolobophora minima Muldal has not previously been reported from North America. 4. Although a number of species do show a shift in habitat preference as regards soil type from one region to another, the great majority of Michigan earthworm species are probably well distributed throughout the state. Diplocardia singularis (Ude) and Bimastos longicinctus Smith and Gittins are perhaps exceptions. Theses are soil species and apparently are restricted to the southern counties, in which the upland soils are reasonably heavy. 5. The origins of the fauna are at present unknown. It was probably derived from both the endemic elements of the southern portion of the United States and the peregrine species introduced by man.