Waterfront living: a report on permanent and seasonal residents in northern Michigan

TitleWaterfront living: a report on permanent and seasonal residents in northern Michigan
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsMarans RW, Wellman JDouglas, Newman SJ, Kruse JA
PublisherInstitute for Social Research, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor, MI

The research reported here is intended to learn about one group of people whose actions have been influential in shaping the growth and development of a particular northern Michigan region--the population situated around the inland lakes and rivers in the two northernmost counties in the state's lower peninsula. Specifically, the study has been designed to tap the thoughts, expectations, and activities of water-oriented permanent and seasonal residents in Emmet and Cheboygan Counties. These two counties have experienced rapid population growth in recent years. At the same time, there has been a significant influx of seasonal visitors during the summer months and, to a lesser extent, at other times throughout the year. The peace and tranquility, the abundance of lakes and rivers, the recreational opportunities and the rural character of the region have all been factors drawing people to the area. If these regional attractions are to remain intact during the period when new growth and development occur, government officials and their constituents need to attend to the process of land use planning and environmental management with increasing skill and sophistication. This report is intended to aid in that process.