Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency(desc) Years active
Fitness Impact of Aphid Herbivory on Common Milkweed, Asclepias syriaca Alexandria Moore NSF 2010
A study of HONO chemistry in the forested environment during PROPHET2016 Xianliang Zhou NSF 2015
Oxygenated VOC Paul Wennberg NSF 2015
Measuring soil nitrogen trace gas emissions NSF 2009 to 2010
Evolution of female-specific color polymorphisms in damselflies Tom Schultz NSF 2009 to 2012
Freshwater Advanced Aquatic Sensor Workshop: Sensors, Platforms and Data Management Knute Nadelhoffer, Guy Meadows, Susan Hendricks, Kevin Rose NSF 2010
Black Carbon: Linking the chemical structure of black carbon to its biological degradation and transport dynamics in a northern temperate forest soil Knute Nadelhoffer, Timothy Filley, Ruth Stark, Pierre-Joseph Hatton NSF 2011 to 2015
Linking Heterogeneity of Above-Ground and Subsurface Processes at the Gap-Canopy Patch Scales to Ecosystem Level Dynamics Valeriy Ivanov, Mahta Moghaddam NSF 2009 to 2012
The role of plant chemistry in the population dynamics of herbivores Mark Hunter NSF 2011 to 2017
Substrate size and partial prey comsumption in the antlion larvae Myrmeleon immaculatus Marcella Baiz NSF 2010
Total Peroxy Radicals NSF 2015
Oxidant and atmospheric aerosol formation from biogenic volatile organic compound emissions NSF 2009
Identifying Sources and Degradation Mechanisms of Methylmercury in Temperate Forest Ecosystems Rebecka Brasso NSF
PROPHET Mary Anne Carroll NSF 2009 to 2015
Mercury cycling in Honeysuckle Creek Watershed Gabriella Kitch, Paul Drevnick NSF 2014
The vertical and horizontal distribution of total mercury within soil NSF
Stomatal exchange of NOx and ozone, and their ambient levels throughout forest canopy Wei Wang, Detlev Helmig NSF 2015
Effects of accelerated succession on the community of saproxylic beetles Beatriz Otero-Jiménez NSF 2010
Freshwater algal flora of the Hawaiian Islands. John Kociolek NSF 2011
PROPHET - CABINEX : Atmospheric Chemistry Impacts of Coupled Forest Succession and Climate Change Mary Anne Carroll NSF 2008 to 2010