Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency(desc) Years active
Measuring soil nitrogen trace gas emissions NSF 2009 to 2010
Evolution of female-specific color polymorphisms in damselflies Tom Schultz NSF 2009 to 2012
Ergosterol as an indicator for Ectomycorrhizal abundance associated with Red Oak and White Pine roots Buck Castillo NSF 2011 to 2013
Freshwater Advanced Aquatic Sensor Workshop: Sensors, Platforms and Data Management Knute Nadelhoffer, Guy Meadows, Susan Hendricks, Kevin Rose NSF 2010
Effects of Phenotypic Plasticity in Sarracenia purpurea L. Lillian Smith NSF 2010
Temperature acclimation of leaf carbon exchange: understanding variation among species and biomes Nick Smith NSF 2012 to 2014
Integrating Long-term Demographic Data and Repeated Genetic Sampling for Viability Analysis of Natural and Restored Populations of Pitcher's Thistle Claudia Jolls NSF 2009 to 2013
2DGC project with Tim Starn Tim Starn NSF
Substrate size and partial prey comsumption in the antlion larvae Myrmeleon immaculatus Marcella Baiz NSF 2010
Fine-scale modeling of transpiration and carbon assimilation in forests Valeriy Ivanov NSF #60019617 2009 to 2015
Understanding the Role of Turbulent Eddy Composition in Stream Ecosystem Services: Application of in-situ PIV to Habitat Selection Studies Hans Tritico NSF - EAGER 2010
Phytoplankton and unionid populations in inland lake of Northern Michigan Donna Hollandsworth NSF - RET 2009
Collaborative Research: Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds and their Impacts in a Changing Temperate Forest Tim Starn, John Seeley NSF Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences 2011 to 2012
Modeling Hydrodynamic Stress Limitations on Transpiration Ashley Matheny NSF Project 60019617 2008 to 2012
Effect of climate change on Peromyscus leucopus behavior in post fire forests Abigale Bristol, Ben Dantzer NSF REU 2017
Effects of climate change-induced temperature variation on pollinator interactions of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) and a threatened dune thistle, (Cirsium pitcheri) NSF REU 2017
Competition in a changing climate: Effects of temperature on foraging behavior between Orconectes rusticus and Orconectes virilis NSF REU 2019
Effects of streamflow on algae abundance and diversity in the Maple River (MI) Claudette Proctor NSF REU 2019
Climate Change and Vocal Communication: Exploring the Relationship between Temperature and Song-Specific Vocal Performance in Pine Warblers (Setophaga pinus) Michael Gene Rowley NSF REU 2017
Signaling and selection in Calopteryx damselflies Idelle Cooper NSF-BEACON 2010