Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency(desc) Years active
Investigating the effects of a pharmaceutical on behavior using a real exposure paradigm Alexandra Neal 2014
deer browsing effects on plant and soil biogeochemistry Jacqueline Popma 2015
The effect of different predator hunting modes on prey behavior Ana M Jurcak 2014
Tower-based observations of solar induced fluorescence Gretchen Keppel-Aleks 2015 to 2019
Quantification of Microcystin-LR among Fish Species in an Oligotrophic Lake: A Proposed Study in Little Traverse Lake, MI. Heather Snyder 2013
Interacting disturbance in forest ecosystems: Does disturbance memory affect resistance and resilience of forest productivity? Robert Timothy Fahey, Christopher Gough, Jeffrey Atkins, Brady S Hardiman 2019
Local adaptations to flow: investigating how flow conditions in streams and lakes influence chemically-mediated search behavior in crayfish Troy Keller 2009
Crayfish Ecology and sociobiology 2011 to 2017
Mycoviral Transmission in Nature 2017
Fungal and bacterial decomposition of downed woody debris 2014 to 2015
Swimmer Itch Project Curtis Lee Blankespoor 2015
The effects of pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) nectar, color, and leaf morphology on prey capture and inquiline communities.
How will climate change and latitude interact to affect tree species in the Great Lakes Region? 2016 to 2020
Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds from Needles of White Pine (Pinus strobus) in Northern Michigan Shino Toma 2009 to 2010
Sensory mechanisms used by Rusty crayfish to determine between predator and prey. 2012
Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature: Volume 2 Doug L Farr 2015
The threat of cleaning up the problem: how restored habitats and increasing proportions of invasive crayfish are impacting ecosystem structuring Amanda Browne
Effects of artificial light at night on behavior and dominance hierarchies in crayfish 2018
Mercury isotopes and cycling in forest ecosystems Martin Tsz Ki Tsui 2011 to 2013