Current Research

Project Title(desc) Investigators Funding agency Years active
Modelling forest growth, succession, and biogeochemistry to study the effects of disturbances on forest carbon cycling Benjamin Sulman NSF-IGERT 2009
Modes of chemical exposure: Groundwater and surface water entry of atrazine and effects on social behavior 2017
Molecular Dispersion from Point and Non-Point Pollution Sources Sara Lahman 2011
Monitoring Populations of The Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid, Platanthera leucophaea, in Mud Lake Bog Wendy Dorman 2014
Mosses of Northern Michigan Karl McKnight, Joseph Rohrer Personal 2010
Mycoviral Transmission in Nature 2017
Net primary production beyond the disturbance threshold: Does lack of subcanopy growth limit resilience? Nicolás Correa NSF-REU 2014
New Model of Forest Succession at UMBS Kathleen M Bergen USFS McIntire-Stennis 2019 to 2021
Night-time chemistry - volatile organic carbon emission and ozone production NSF 2009
Nonpoint Source Interflow and Implications of Chemical Stimuli at the Benthic Level 2012
Novel approaches to European Frogbit Detection and Management Shane C Lishawa, Dennis A. Albert Michigan DNR 2016 to 2017
Novel approaches to European Frogbit Detection and Management Dennis A. Albert, Shane C Lishawa, Beth Lawrence MI Invasive Species Grant Program 2015 to 2016
Observations of glyoxal and formaldehyde at the PROPHET mixed hardwood forest site in 2008 and 2009 Melissa Galloway NSF-IGERT 2007 to 2008
Organismal Collections and Observations Digitization, Management, and Discovery at the University of Michigan Biological Station Knute Nadelhoffer, Jason Tallant University of Michigan NINI 2013 to 2017
Oxidant and atmospheric aerosol formation from biogenic volatile organic compound emissions NSF 2009
Oxidized carbon and nitrogen exchanges through seasonal snowpack at UMBS and their contribution to the annual ecosystem gas exchange budget Brian Seok NSF-IGERT 2006 to 2011
Oxygenated VOC Paul Wennberg NSF 2015
Ozone reactivity rates with respect to biogenic volatile organic compounds (VOC) Ryan W. Daly NSF 2009
Ozone-Induced Changes to Algal Communities Julianne Heinlein NSF-IGERT 2001