Current Research

Project Title(desc) Investigators Funding agency Years active
Ecotoxicology of aquatic crustaceans 2014
EDI Data Curation and Archival Data Fellowship at UMBS Jason Tallant Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), National Science Foundation (NSF) 2018
Effect of Antidepressant on the Agonistic Behaviour of Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus, the rusty crayfish) 2018
Effect of climate change on Peromyscus leucopus behavior in post fire forests Abigale Bristol, Ben Dantzer NSF REU 2017
Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 and tropospheric O3 on belowground plant litter biochemistry and the influence of microbial community composition on ecosystem nitrogen availability Deborah Hudleston NSF-IGERT 2004
Effect of flow variation, substrate, and presence of predators on drift rates of a lotic mayfly. Zachary Fogel NSF-REU 2014
Effect of flow variation, substrate, and presence of predators on drift rates of a lotic mayfly. Zachary Fogel National Science Foundation 2014
Effect of high CO2 detritus on growth rates and food preference of benthic stream crustaceans Julie Adams NSF-IGERT
Effect of nitrogen deposition on the activity and diversity of lignin degrading fungi John Hassett NSF-IGERT 2004
Effect of tree species, size, and accelerated succession on mycorrhizal colonization Gabriel Abud NSF-REU 2011
Effect of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) and land use changes on trophic state of lakes in northern Michigan Siddharth John, Balin Carter, Patrick Hill, William Moyer, Emily Thompson, Molly Mascow, Erick Lindsay 2009
Effects of a decade of litter manipulation on soil carbon-dioxide effluxes from a temperate mixed-deciduous forest Nicholas Medina 2013 to 2014
Effects of accelerated succession on the community of saproxylic beetles Beatriz Otero-Jiménez NSF 2010
Effects of artificial light at night on behavior and dominance hierarchies in crayfish 2018
Effects of canopy structure and diffuse light on temperate forest carbon cycling Susan Cheng University of Michigan Biological Station 2009 to 2012
Effects of Climate Change on Species Interactions within the Wood Warbler Family (Parulidae) NSF 2019
Effects of climate change-induced temperature variation on pollinator interactions of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) and a threatened dune thistle, (Cirsium pitcheri) NSF REU 2017
Effects of Climate Warming on Macrophyte Beds Jennifer Jean Uehling NSF-REU 2013
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Ozone on Plant Phytoestrogens: Implications for Plant Interactions with Herbivores, Pathogens, and Mutualists Amy Young NSF-IGERT 2003
Effects of Elevated C02 and Shade on Growth and Physiology in Five Northern Tree Species Lesley Sefcik NSF-IGERT 1999