Current Research

Project Title(asc) Investigators Funding agency Years active
δ13C and δ18O Isotope Ratio Measurements of Abundant Oxygenates in the Atmosphere Kolby Jardine NSF-IGERT 2004 to 2005
Woody debris affects on ground foraging ant distribution across northern Michigan transitioning forest Naim Edwards UM-EEB 2011
Will disturbance break the forest carbon sink?: Soil respiration in response to severity and disturbance type 2019
When the Wild Strawberries are in Bloom: Food Caching in Northern Michigan Kathryn Frederick University of Michigan Biological Station 2010
What mechanisms facilitate range expansion in small mammal species? Cody Thompson, Ben Dantzer University of Michigan MCubed 2015 to 2017
Water Stress Effects on Plant Defenses and Plant-Mycorrhizal Interactions
Vocal interactions in a migratory population of pine warblers (Dendroica pinus) in Northern Michigan Christopher Crawford NSF-REU 2010
Vertical distribution of VOC emissions in a Northern Michigan hardwood forest Alexander Michael Bryan TBD 2011
Using tree-rings to assess carbon store vulnerability April Chiriboga NSF-IGERT
Using Species Invasion as a Model to Study Bacterial Disturbance Ecology NSF 2017
Using non-invasive hair snares to detect American marten and fisher in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan Jill C Witt University of Michigan MCubed Program 2019
Using hair snares to monitor American marten Jill C Witt Jill Witt - Startup Funds 2018
Use of GC with ECD for N2O measurement Kristi Judd EMU 2015
Unveiling the migratory route of the Great Lakes Piping Plover Erin Roche
Unraveling the roles of genotype and environment in the expression of plant defense phenotypes Mark Hunter 2019
Understanding the Role of Turbulent Eddy Composition in Stream Ecosystem Services: Application of in-situ PIV to Habitat Selection Studies Hans Tritico NSF - EAGER 2010
Understanding the population forcings of induced forest succession on Peromyscus leucopus Kevin He NSF-REU 2011
Understanding the effects of a pesticide sensitivity of native and invasive prey to the impact space of a predator. 2017
Understanding controls over carbon and energy cycles following a successional shift Christopher Gough DOE/NICCR 2009
Tower-based observations of solar induced fluorescence Gretchen Keppel-Aleks 2015 to 2019