Current Research

Project Title Investigators Funding agency(desc) Years active
The U of M Flying Fish Guy Meadows DARPA 2009 to 2010
Forest Accelerated Succession Experiment (FASET) Peter Curtis, Christopher Gough, Christoph Vogel Department of Energy 2009 to 2018
Quality control investigation into AmeriFlux and FASET tower sensors Andres Schmidt, Chad Hanson Department of Energy 2011 to 2014
Michigan Gradient Study - Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition and Microbial Mechanisms Enhancing Soil Carbon Storage Donald Zak, Pregitzer, Kurt Scott, Burton, Andrew James, Alan F Talhelm Department of Energy 1986 to 2015
Biogenic VOCs and Secondary Organic Aerosol at PROPHET - WSU 2014 Shelley Noelle Pressley Department of Energy 2013
Resisting the decline: Disturbance severity and net primary production resilience of a Great Lakes forest ecosystem Ellen JoAnne Stuart-Haentjens, Christopher Gough Department of Energy 2012
Soil carbon cycling under chronic N addition Mengxue Xia Department of Energy 2009 to 2010
Constraining the Carbon Cycle with Tree-Ring-Derived Estimates of Aboveground Biomass. Ross Alexander Department of Energy
Soil and litter dwelling macroinvertebrates near litter application plots Mac Callaham DOE - Oak Ridge National Lab 2009
Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Land-Atmosphere Interactions of Reactive Oxides of Nitrogen in a Forested Environment Jonathan Raff DOE-Office of Science 2015
Understanding controls over carbon and energy cycles following a successional shift Christopher Gough DOE/NICCR 2009
Combining long-term (> 12 yrs) C cycling measurements and a novel large-scale experimental manipulation with modeling studies Peter Curtis DOE/NICCR 2009 to 2013
Use of GC with ECD for N2O measurement Kristi Judd EMU 2015
EDI Data Curation and Archival Data Fellowship at UMBS Jason Tallant Environmental Data Initiative (EDI), National Science Foundation (NSF) 2018
Invertebrate Response to Wetland Restoration Kimberly Greene EPA 2010 to 2011
A sustainable approach for restoring wetland biodiversity Nancy Tuchman, Shane C Lishawa, Beth Lawrence, Brian Ohsowski EPA 2011 to 2016
Increasing biodiversity and habitat complexity in invaded wetlands EPA: GLRI (subaward through Loyola University) 2017 to 2018
Performing Vowels in the Note of Blue Faculty, Pratt Institute, Seeking external grant; Initial site research phase: self-funded. 2019 to 2020
Selective sea lamprey barriers Ulrich Reinhardt Great Lakes Fisheries Commission
Test of a non-physical bio-acoustic fence to guide migratory sea lamprey Scott Miehs Great Lakes Fishery Commission 2011