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Earthworm Mercury Collection
Effects of streamflow on algae abundance and diversity in the Maple River (MI)
Summer 2019 Soil Respiration for FoRTE Reps
Competition in a changing climate: Effects of temperature on foraging behavior between Orconectes rusticus and Orconectes virilis Aquatic
BVOC and White Pine Data REU 2019
Effects of harvesting invasive cattail (Typha x glauca) on methane flux in Great Lakes coastal wetlands
Climate Change in Great Lakes Forests: Forest Canopy Resistance to Disturbance
Red Percentage in Pitcher Plants
Effects of Climate Change on Species Interactions within the Wood Warbler Family (Parulidae)
Great Lakes Coastal Waterbird Survey - Cormorant nests and Co-nester Colonies GIS Data, Population (Animals)
Forest tree, woody debris, and soil inventory data from long-term research plots at the University of Michigan Biological Station Terrestrial, Population (Plants)
PROPHET Aerosol and Ozone Data, July 2014 Atmospheric
Ozone Concentations and Ozone Flux 2002-2005 at the UMBS PROPHET Tower Terrestrial, Atmospheric
The effects of Typha x glauca density on biodiversity, habitat complexity, and water quality of Great Lakes wetlands Population (Plants), Climate, Population (Animals), Aquatic
Sturgeon Bay Plant Pollinator Network Data 2017 Terrestrial, Population (Plants)
Eric _Moore_MS_BGSU_Metadata_Summer_2016 Terrestrial
Composition and sources of particulate and dissolved matter in stream and groundwater of the Honeysuckle Creek watershed
The effects of climate change on Pitcher's thistle and its Bombus pollinators
Effects of climate change-induced temperature variation on pollinator interactions of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) and a threatened dune thistle, (Cirsium pitcheri)
Disentangling the functional roles of forest biological and physical structure on carbon storage
GCMS Data and Field Notes 2017
Temperature and Song-Specific Vocal Performance in Pine Warblers (Setophaga pinus)
Behavioral and vegetation data for UMBS Burn Plots Population (Animals)
Influence of context on social behavior of cichlids
Northern Michigan Rodent Distribution Terrestrial, Population (Animals)