Freshwater Algae of the Douglas Lake region.

Project Overview
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Project Abstract: 
This project will develop web-based tools related to the identification and distribution of freshwater algae in the Douglas Lake region. This resource will be available to, and support, teaching in a variety of classes at UMBS, including the Freshwater Phycology class. We will develop site based guides on the algae from 15 different habitats in the region. Keys, descriptions of taxa and high quality images will also be part of this tool. The resource will, later, link out to other projects in the region, including at the Tip of the Mitt watershed council. We expect over 300 taxa from 15 different sites will be developed in the first year. This resource will also be a repository for classes, and for a long-term data set on the freshwater algae of the region.
Investigator Info
Funding agency: 
UMBS Fellowship
Years research project active: 
2012 to 2017